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Raw Organic Honey
Just as Mother Nature intended

From our small apiary situated on our croft land in Diabaig, Tigh Brachen heather honey is gathered from the heather covered hills surrounding Loch Diabaig, Torridon


It all started when I surprised my father by saying "I fancy a hive of bees".  Then by chance, a few weeks later, a neighbour found a swarm of bees had moved into their wooden letterbox and they needed removing.  So, with my new suit on, smoker smoking, and a lot of trepidation, I successfully removed and rehomed the swarm in a lovely new hive.  That was the beginning of Tigh Brachen Heather Honey.

7 years and many stings later I now have a small 12 hive apiary on our croft in the Scottish Highlands producing lovely fragrant heather honey.


It has been a steep learning curve!  The west coast of Scotland isn't the easiest place to keep bees - oh that rain and wind (there have been times when I've thought there must be an easier hobby than this!). The inevitable swarm up a tree, watching the dragonflies ambush them as they return to the hives (I now call them winged assassins), swallows and house martins taking their share, dealing with the weather - did i mention the rain?, queen less hives, mice spending the winter munching on the combs (and bees). In fact everything seems to want to eat my bees.

Through a lot of patience, practice, perseverance and a dedicated hotline to my father at Redhills Honey Farm for invaluable advice, we now have our established apiary.


But there is always something to learn - bees don't read the text books!


The taste & smell of the Highlands!

A taste like no other, our honey is a rich, thick honey with a distinctive taste and aroma.


This is how honey should be.
In its raw form, full of natural goodness.
Tigh Brachen Heath Honey is never pasteurised or blended, just pressed &

cold filtered straight from the hive


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