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Below are a selection of our latest photos, taken around the area.

  Please return to this page as I'm sure we will be adding more!  We hope you enjoy them.

Northern Lights, Diabaig 2024

the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) are regularly seen in Diabaig

Tropical Diabaig!

A very tropical diabaig sunset (but the sea temperature certainly wasn't)

Snowy Diabaig Pier

Snowy Diabaig Pier, January 2024

Roe Deer, Diabaig

Roe Deer are regular visitors to the Bothies

Diabaig sunset

Spectacular sunset in Diabaig, Sept 23

Diabaig Otter having breakfast

Diabaig Otter having breakfast on the shoreline below the Bothies


Edal Bothy with lovely views over Diabaig Bay

Diabaig Sunset

Diabaig Sunset

Diabaig Otter

Otters are regular visitors to the bay

Diabaig Bay

Diabaig Bay

Oyster Catcher

Oyster catchers can always be heard bickering around the bay

Diabaig Otter

If you know where to look you might get lucky and see the Diabaig otters

Diabaig Sunset

Diabaig Sunset

Diabaig from the water

Diabaig shoreline from the water

Dayspring shipwreck, Diabaig

Dayspring shipwreck starting to show her age

Common Sandpiper, Diabaig

Common Sandpiper - you hear them piping away along the shoreline before you see them

Diabaig otter & cubs

Diabaig otter & cubs

Dayspring shipwreck, Diabaig

Dayspring, Diabaig with a rare dusting of snow

Magic mushrooms in the woods

Magic mushrooms! Beautiful but not for eating, and often found around the cabins

Liathach, Torridon

Liathach, looking majestic with its dusting of snow

Diabaig Bay

Diabaig Bay in all its glory

The Diabaig Massey

The old Diabaig Massey hiding in the bracken, but it has a great view!

October sunset

October sunset in Diabaig

Lobster for Breakfast

Lobster for Breakfast

Tigh Brachen Bothies Fireball

The fireball ready for guests to gather around

Teko fireball

Teko and the bothies fireball

Sunset Tigh Brachen Bothies Torrido

Sunset view from Tigh Brachen Bothies

Glen Docherty, Torridon

Glen Docherty and the road to Loch Maree

Liathach, Torridon

The mighty Liathach (the Grey One)

Sgurr Dubh, Torridon

Sgurr Dubh in the heart of Glen Torridon

Northern Lights, Diabaig, Torridon

The Northern Lights over Diabaig Pier, Torridon

Diabaig Pier, Torridon

Diabaig Pier, Torridon

Dayspring ship wreck, Torrid

The Dayspring Ship wreck on the shores of Loch Diabaig.

Otter, Diabaig, Torridon

Diabaig Otter (frequently sighted)

Aurora Borealis, Torridon

Aurora Borealis over Diabaig

The Fishermans Shed, Alligin

The old fishermans shed, Inver Alligin (its had a hard life) with Beinn Alligin in the background

Loch Diabaig, Torridon

Loch Diabaig from the surrounding hills

Diabaig village, Torridon

Diabaig Village and the woods the Bothies are located

Sunset, Diabaig, Torridon

One of the many spectacular Diabaig sunsets

Highland Cow, Torridon

These ladies roam the Applecross to Torridon road and often cause a traffic jam

Cabin Teko

Teko, the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the bay

Black throated diver

Black throated Diver. A regular sight and sound on the lochans

Red Deer Rutt, Torridon

The red deer rutt - the hills around the bay echo to these guys in October.

Diabaig Sunset

Diabaig sunet - the sky was on fire


Mossy, set under a lovely old oak tree

Diabaig fishing pots, Torridon

Sunset from Diabaig pier

Loch Torridon West coast of scotland

Beautiful Loch Torridon

Aurora Borealis

Aurora borealis over Diabaig

Diabaig Pier

Diabaig Pier, Torridon

Otter, Diabaig

The Diabaig Otter

Diabaig pier sunset

Sunset from Diabaig Pier

Harbour seals, Diabaig

Harbour seals, often seen bobbing around the bay

Diabaig, Springtime

Springtime in Diabaig

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